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Property Search and Viewing

Unlike other property search businesses, our commitment to service means that you will always have an experienced property consultant proactively working for you, who will always be on hand to discuss any aspect of your search to buy Cyprus property. At Cyprus Property For Sale we are here to help and guide you during the entire buying process by searching the market and present you with opportunities which match your requirements.

Our market knowledge will save you time that you would otherwise need to fully dedicate to buying a property in Cyprus. Each property search begins with an initial consultation where we work to understand your individual and/or family dynamic, lifestyle needs & financial objectives to create a bespoke plan of action for a successful property search. From the initial planning & property search where we will give you access to the entire market shortlisting, to scheduling your viewings, we will be with you at every step of the journey.

Negotiation and Reservation

After viewings, and once you have selected your ideal Cyprus property, you will enter the negotiation stage of the process. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and our experienced property consultants can assist with negotiating the purchase price.

We aim to breakdown the communication barriers between an array of cultures and market methodologies and will utilise this market knowledge to help you in a process of due diligence on your chosen property. It is recommended that an independent lawyer conducts, on your behalf, a background land registry and legal search on the property to discover if there are issues which could impede or significantly delay the purchase process.

We can also help you reserve the property which effectively removes it from the market giving an exclusive purchase opportunity and time for the completion of the purchase process. Please note that a reservation fee is required.

Contract Preparation and Signing

We will work alongside your independent lawyer to leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your best interests. We will always provide impartial advice as if this was our property you are buying. We also pride ourselves on mediation and if we feel there is a major issue with the transaction, we will not be afraid to tell you.

Your lawyer alongside the seller’s lawyer will prepare the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) based on the agreed terms. The fully executed contract must be stamped and registered with the land registry. This procedure protects you by ensuring the property cannot be sold to anyone else or used as collateral by the seller to get a mortgage until the title deeds is issued in your name.

Completion and Transfer of Title Deeds

Title deed transfer happens at the land registry, where the buyer must pay property transfer fees (based on the asset value).

If you are buying an off-plan or newly developed property, the title deed is not issued upon completion of the property but at a later date when the property developer completes the subdivision of the project through the land registry office.

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cyprus citizen programme

Permanent Residency in Cyprus

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme permits residency for non-EU citizens and visa free travel within Europe. See the requirements and application process for permanent residency in Cyprus.

Houses for sale in Cyprus

Cyprus Property for Sale - we help you buy Cyprus property

Finding the perfect property in Cyprus to enjoy the scenery and culture, to relax and unwind, and to escape from the world has got a whole lot easier. Here at Cyprus Property For Sale, we have access to a wide selection of properties from suburban and coastal apartments to mountain and sea-view villas. Whatever your requirement our team of highly experienced property consultants can help you with the search, viewing and shortlisting of your dream property through to negotiating the purchase price.

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