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Culture and cuisine of Cyprus

Cypriots are rightfully very proud of their cultural heritage, which stretches back more than 11,000 years. Throughout the entire country, relics from every era can be seen, from Greek temples and Roman mosaics to 15th century frescoes. Crusader castles rub shoulders with ancient vineyards, frescoed monasteries overlook citrus orchards, and sandy, sun-soaked feet tread Roman mosaic floors. Some archaeological sites come to life during the summer months like the ancient amphitheaters of Curium outside of Limassol and of Paphos where concerts and plays still take place.

Cyprus has two very distinct ethno-religious communities – the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots – that share cultural affiliations with Greece and Turkey respectively. Since 1974, the country has been partitioned into two main parts on the basis of these ethnicities. The government and people of Cyprus are today actively and intensely promoting the Cypriot culture and making it available to all. Art, literature, music, traditional dance, theatre, and cinema are all given emphasis throughout the year.

Cypriots are well-known for their sincere and hospitable nature. The Cyprus cuisine, with Greek and Turkish influences, features lots of fresh fish, meat, beans, pulses and vegetables. The traditional Cypriot Meze, similar to Tapas, is the best way to sample a large selection different dishes.

Cyprus is also one of the world’s oldest vine-growing and wine-making regions, with a history that can be traced back nearly 6,000 years. There are currently more than 50 wineries on the island and the popular annual Limassol wine festival offers visitors the opportunity to sample some of Cyprus’ finest wines.

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Permanent Residency in Cyprus

The Cyprus Permanent Residency Programme permits residency for non-EU citizens and visa free travel within Europe. See the requirements and application process for permanent residency in Cyprus.

Warm crystal clear waters around Cyprus

Swimming in the sea is perhaps something you associate with the summer months, but with the ideal climate of Cyprus, you can swim at many of the beautiful blue flag beaches all year round as the sea is always pleasantly warm.

Safety and healthcare

Despite a history of conflict, particularly between between the Greeks and Turks, Cyprus remains one of the safest European countries to live in and making it an ideal place to travel and an excellent location to raise a family. Many British expats living in Cyprus for years claim its safety and security levels are much higher than the UK.

The healthcare system in the North and South of Cyprus is on par with international standards. Like in most other places, expats can choose between public and private healthcare. The healthcare industry comprises highly qualified health professionals, with the majority educated in the UK, US, Greece and Russia. The high standard of private healthcare facilities is a significant influential factor in attracting expatriates and foreign investors to the island.

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Language and education

The official languages of Cyprus are Greek, Turkish and English, with Turkish being the mother tongue in the north of the island and Greek in the south. Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 to 1960 and still retains British military bases as well as many an expat. In the north especially, English is seen as the second language.

Cyprus is committed to education. It offers high quality schooling at all levels and has the highest percentage of university graduates per capita in Europe. International students are increasingly choosing Cyprus for their studies. Currently, here are three public and five private universities and more than 40 private institutions of higher education registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture, offering both academic and vocational programmes of study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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